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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 3, 2011

Bill to be Considered to Register 110,000 Undocumented Persons Living in Utah

Bill to be Considered to Register 110,000 Undocumented Persons Living in Utah

Photo: Luz Robles

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Utah Senator Luz Robles (D) has gained the support of a conservative Republican in the House who called her Immigration Reform Bill “a fair approach to the issue.”

“It balances public safety with not harming those of goodwill in our community,” Rep. Jeremy Peterson, R-Ogden, said. “It’s that balancing act — and this bill does that.”

Robles proposal, would require those undocumented people living in Utah for longer than two years to get what she called a “Type A” card. This would register them in a system set up by the Department of Public Safety. It also would require those getting the cards to pass background checks in order to qualify.

Robles said those living in Utah illegally would have a year to get the cards, and she believed 90 percent of those in the state would participate. She also said that those who didn’t get the card would be opening themselves up to “reasonable suspicion” because they may have something to hide.

“This bill allows us to put our resources and our law enforcement agencies to fight the criminal element,” Robles said. The Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank, has also endorsed the bill.

The bill has a major hurdle in that it needs a federal waiver to be implemented. States do not have the authority to approve employers to hire people not following existing visa and guest worker laws.