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Latino Daily News

Monday November 28, 2011

Bikini-clad Woman Holds Signs Asking for Help to Find MIssing Chihuahua

Bikini-clad Woman Holds Signs Asking for Help to Find MIssing Chihuahua

Photo: Arlene Mossa Corona dons a bikini in hopes of finding lost Chihuahua

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Sometimes the love of a pet can lead owners to do crazy things. Such the case of 20-year-old Arlene Mossa Corona, who took to the streets – or street, rather – to get her missing Chihuahua Chispita back.

Beginning Wednesday, Corona stood at the corner of La Jolla Village Dr. and Genesee Ave. in San Diego, holding up signs asking for help in finding her precious Chispita, clad only in a bikini and red heels.

She said that after searching high and low, calling local pounds and even contacting a pet psychic, she was still without her dog and believed standing on the street in a bikini, holding informative signs with photos of Chispita was the only thing left to do.

With temperatures dropping to 50F, it became quite cold for Corona at times, but she remained steadfast in her mission.

ImageShe has also vowed not to eat until her dog is returned, even skipping Thanksgiving with her family, one of her signs reading, “Thanksgiving won’t be the same without Chispita.”

Corona was determined to stand there as long as it took, that is, until a man who said his daughter had her dog turned out to be looking for sexual favors, leading her to believe that her stunt may have brought her a stalker.

The man, who went by the name “Merl”, emailed her picture of the dog he said was Chispita, but it was followed by a photo of his genitals. She believed he was lying and concluded the dog in the photo was not hers.

She then received another lead, but believes it was the same man. The University of California San Diego student was sent a text message from someone saying they were a neighbor who had found the dog, but when she called the number, it went to the voicemail of a man named “Merl”.

‘I was like oh my God this is so scary, I was like shaking, and I was like maybe he really does have my dog, or maybe he’s just a creep,’ she told a local NBC affiliate. ‘This is turning into something that I didn’t think it would.’