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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 6, 2011

Bible.Is Says “Bienvenido” To Millions Of Spanish Speakers

Bible.Is Says “Bienvenido” To Millions Of Spanish Speakers

Photo: Bible.IS

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Faith Comes By Hearing has announced the release of their popular audio-based Bible app in Spanish. The app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Android devices.

The localization of the Bible.is app into Spanish means the entire process - from download to daily use - is available entirely in Spanish, with cultural relevance considered in the design of the app’s content and features.

Like the English app, the Spanish version allows users to read, listen and share the Bible right from their cell phones or other mobile devices.

“Listeners will still have access to the many other languages offered on the app, but this version opens the door and welcomes millions of Spanish speakers who may have never found us because they don’t speak or read English,” says Faith Comes By Hearing’s National Director Troy Carl.

For a free audio download click here