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Latino Daily News

Friday April 5, 2013

Beyonce, Jay-Z in Cuba to Celebrate Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Beyonce, Jay-Z in Cuba to Celebrate Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Photo: Beyonce and Jay-Z in Cuba

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are in Cuba where on Thursday they had breakfast at a restaurant in Old Havana to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

The couple arrived on the island on Wednesday accompanied by several members of the family on a private visit, according to what employees of the Hotel Saratoga told Efe.

After breakfasting at the La Moneda Cubana restaurant adjacent to the Plaza de la Catedral, the couple strolled around Old Havana, Efe learned.

With her long hair tightly braided and put up in a huge, loose bun, wearing a yellow, black and gray patterned miniskirt and flat shoes, Beyonce tried a daiquiri - a traditional Cuban cocktail - and ate a salad, according to the owner of the establishment.

“She seemed very pleasant to me, very friendly, normal and supernice. I really like how she sings and dances,” Nanette Morales, the owner’s 15-year-old daughter, told Efe.

Meanwhile, at the door of the restaurant dozens of local residents, tourists and others gathered and waited until the singers came out to greet them or leave the restaurant to be able to take photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z with their cell phones.