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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 15, 2011

Berlusconi Under-age Sex Trial Set to Begin April 6th

Berlusconi Under-age Sex Trial Set to Begin April 6th

Photo: PM Berlusconi and Ruby

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Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, has been indicted and will stand trial this coming spring on charges of abuse of power and paying for sex with an under-age prostitute.

The trial process is to start April 6th, according to Judge Cristina Di Censo.

The under-age girl he is accused of having sex with, Karima El Mahroug, was only 17 at the time of alleged actions. Berlusconi is also accused of abusing his power to have Mahroug released after being detained on suspicion of theft.

Berlusconi has denied any wrong doing, and though he does admit to calling the police while Mahroug was being detained, he said he thought he was only doing a favor for the then-Egytian leader, Hosni Mbarak. He stated he was under the impression that Mahroug was Mubarak’s granddaughter.

Known to many as Ruby the Heart Stealer, the 18-year-old Moroccan nightclub dancer, has said she never slept with Berlosconi, but did say she received 7000 euro ($9,550) as a gift after their first meeting.

Berlusconi’s trial is being pushed along quickly in response to prosecutors’ request, and will take place in front of three randomly-picked female judges.

If convicted, Berlusconi faces six months to three years in prison for the under-age prostitution, and four to 12 years for the abuse of influence charge, and would be permanently banned from holding public office.

While Mahroug was the first under-age girl Berlusconi is suspected to have paid for, she is joined by now-19-year-old Brazilian dancer Iris Berardi, who reported danced for the prime minster either nude or semi-nude.