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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 5, 2014

Beloved Spanish Journalist Celso Collazo Dies, Age 92

Beloved Spanish Journalist Celso Collazo Dies, Age 92

Photo: Celso Collazo Lema

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Spanish journalist Celso Collazo Lema, who made his name as a foreign correspondent, died Friday, family members said. He was 92.

Collazo was part of the “intermediate generation” who brought news of the wider world to Spain as the country emerged from isolation in the years leading up to the restoration of democracy in the 1970s.

A native of the northwestern region of Galicia, Collazo’s first overseas assignment came in 1957, when Madrid daily Pueblo sent him to London as a special correspondent.

Once in London, he joined Agencia Efe as the organization was embarking on an international expansion.

Collazo served successively as Efe bureau chief in London, Moscow, New York and Washington.

In his years with Efe, Collazo pioneered the use of the latest technology in reporting and relaying the news.

A journalist known for his erudition, Collazo last year donated more than 17,000 documents, including books, periodicals and other materials, to the General Library of Galicia.


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