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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 23, 2013

Beijing Welcomes Julio Iglesias

Beijing Welcomes Julio Iglesias

Photo: Beijing Welcomes Julio Iglesias

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Twenty years have gone by since his first performance in the Asian giant, but the Chinese never forgot him - the voice of Julio Iglesias, “Huliao” in Mandarin, was heard once more over the weekend in Beijing at a concert where the audience gave itself up to the rhythm and charisma of an artist whose career goes on and on.

The singer’s voice and popular lyrics echoed Sunday through the theater of the Beijing Exhibition Center before more than 2,000 people, an audience he held in the palm of his hand and who “sang” along with the artist on some of his hits and those of other well-known performers.

“He’s a very good singer. It’s the first time I’ve heard him and he reminds me of Spain, a country with passion and with good music and dancing,” Zhou Li Na, who went to see the show, told Efe.

The language in no way hindered Julio from connecting with the audience, with whom he constantly interacted during the almost two-hour concert.

“Thank you China, thank you Beijing,” the artist said on numerous occasions, winning over the audience from the moment he went onstage by dedicating a few words to those hurt by the recent earthquake in Sichuan province.

“This is a difficult day for the Chinese people. The earthquake has changed the lives of thousands of people. My heart, my feelings, my emotions, my praise and my passion go out to those who are suffering,” the 69-year-old singer said.

After three stops in China, Iglesias leaves for Singapore and Taiwan, after which he will return to his own country, Spain, on a tour that has taken him around the world, from Russia to Asia.