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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 14, 2011

Becoming Soara the Sexplorer by Dr. Charley Ferrer

Becoming Soara the Sexplorer by Dr. Charley Ferrer

Photo: Sexplorer

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Have you ever wanted to be an actress? Remember the countless hours you spent as a child pretending and allowing your imagination to run amok? Well here’s your chance to recapture that same sense of adventure and exuberance you thrived upon years ago. Becoming Soara the Sexplorer is easier than you might think and more deliciously erotic than having your lover turn into a giant piece of chocolate.

First, put on your sexiest outfit or a piece a jewelry that will become your talisman magically transforming you into Soara the Sexplorer. Next, schedule a few hours to explore your lover in various ways. Become the sensual scientist, an anthropologist, as you discover all the hidden erogenous zones on his body. Each person has at least a baker’s dozen. Just imagine where his could be? And what about yours?

Experiment until you discover the type of touch that will awaken those erogenous zones. Perhaps it’s a combination of touch and sound. Does hearing your lover tell you what he plans to do to you right before he does it make it more erotic for you? Do you enjoy feeling like a naughty school girl as you touch and taste your lover making him moan until he can’t stand anymore and takes control? Or maybe, you’d prefer to be in control and teach him who the boss is and instruct him on his job requirements. The possibilities are endless. The limitations only those you impose.