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Thursday August 18, 2011

Barça Wins Spanish SuperCopa Title Against Real Madrid Then Fights Breakout (VIDEO)

Barça Wins Spanish SuperCopa Title Against Real Madrid Then Fights Breakout (VIDEO)

Photo: Messi and Fábregas Figures, Mourinho Sore Loser

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Leo Messi was the figure of a match that saw Ronaldo score his 100th goal, and Madrid’s coach Mourinho be a total manner-less jerk.

The Barcelona Fútbol Club became the champions of Spain’s SuperCopa after tying the visitor’s match in Madrid and defeating the white team 3-2 at home.

Before the first 15 minutes of the game had passed, Messi filtered a glorious pass to Andrés Iniesta and the Spaniard turned it into an unstoppable hat trick, 1-0.

Not five minutes later, in a confusing play that started as a corner kick, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 100th goal; his celebratory mood only lasted 20 minutes, for just before the first half ended, Piqúe treated Messi to an extraordinary backward heel pass, which the argentine turned into the 2-1.

The second half saw a Real Madrid play with incredible tenacity, but poor definition, something that could explain the entire team’s attitude toward the always cool and collected Barça, and also towards the referees who seemed unable to make any calls that weren’t received with massive protests from the entire team and their grumpy ole’ coach.

French player Karim Benzema tied the game ten minutes before the end but, when it looked like the match would have to be decided in the extended time, Messi cannoned with his left foot a pass from Adriano 3 minutes from the end. Goalie Iker Casillas never saw what hit him.

In the last minute, and embodying the entire team’s feelings, Real Madrid’s Marcelo released all of his frustration on Césc Fábregas who was making his debut with the Barça.

Take a look at the video below for the meleé that ensued, and join us in our forums section, where we’ll be talking about Mourinho’s coward attack onto a Barcelona coach assistant; should he be penalized?