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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 8, 2011

Bad Weather in Colombia Forces Locals to Reinvent Their Fruit Business (VIDEO)

Bad Weather in Colombia Forces Locals to Reinvent Their Fruit Business (VIDEO)

Photo: Farmers in Santander, Colombia created Tangerine Wine from fruit they were unable to transport

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A woman in Rionegro, Santander in Colombia is putting to good use hundreds of kilos of tangerines that were spoiling in farms in Rionegro, Santander due ultimately to the bad weather.

The torrential downpours that affected the region for the last couple of months, turned the road that locals used to get the fruit to the markets in Bucaramanga (the department’s capital and largest city) into a sludge path, way too dangerous for their fruit trucks to transit.

The fruit was spoiling, and to these humble country folk it looked like their income as well, was rotting with their fruit.

That is until Margarita Hernández decided to use the older batches of tangerines, to run a trial and error experiment in the making of Tangerine Wine.

Technically, Wine is ONLY the resulting liquid from the alcoholic fermentation—total or partial of the juice from grapes and/or raisins, that being the reason why you don’t hear of “Honey Wine”, but of Mead.

But until Señora Hernández re-christens her brew, her recipe of secret ingredients plus “6.5 pounds of sugar per every ten bottles of tangerine broth,” as she puts it, shall be known as Tangerine wine.

“I find the Tangerine wine a delicious option for drinking, because is dry, delicious, a drink to enjoy with the family” said Johana Quintero, a tourist visiting the area.

Señora Hernández and Rodrigo Torres, who supported the initiative, are hoping to commercialize their product in markets and liquor stores in the area.