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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 10, 2012

Baby Wakes Up in Argentine Morgue After Being Declared Dead

Baby Wakes Up in Argentine Morgue After Being Declared Dead

Photo: Child survives premature birth

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A baby born prematurely awoke in the morgue of a hospital in northern Argentina 12 hours after having been declared dead, authorities in Chaco province announced Tuesday.

The assistant health secretary for Chaco, Rafael Sabatinelli, called the incident “unfortunate,” adding that an investigation will be launched focusing on the health professionals involved in the matter at the hospital.

The incident occurred at Perrando Hospital when the mother of the little girl born six months after being conceived asked to go to the morgue to see her daughter and discovered her to be alive.

“During the night I went with my husband to where the little coffin was. He used a lever and opened the coffin. Suddenly, I heard a whine. (The baby) was covered (and there was a lot of) frost,” said Analia Bouter.

The child is now in good health, according to press accounts.

“Each member of the personnel who were involved in the matter has responsibilities. So, they will have to pay accordingly for this,” said Sabatinelli in remarks cited by Diario Norte newspaper on its Web site.

“We’re awaiting the results of the corresponding reports so that the matter may be clarified,” he added.