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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 15, 2010

Baby Esperanza gives Hope to Miners (VIDEO)

The wife of Ariel Ticona, who is one of the 33 men trapped in mine collapse in Chile has given birth to a baby girl, the couples first child.  The intended name was to be Carolina until the new father sent word that he would like to call her Esperanza (Spanish for Hope), the BBC reports today.

Relatives recorded the birth and plan to send it down with supplies heading to the miners.

The families of the miners have been living in a camp established at the mine site since the August 5th collapse; the camp is called “Camp Hope”.

Before the birth Mr. Ticona had urged his wife to take it easy rather than sleeping in a tent near the mine.
“Tell her to change the name of our daughter - and give her a long-distance kiss,” he said in a video as the other miners shouted: “We’re going to name her Hope.”

The men are settling in as rescue still appears months away.