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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Madoff Offends Hispanic Cultural Icon: Calls Himself the “Human Piñata” of Wall Street

Madoff Offends Hispanic Cultural Icon: Calls Himself the “Human Piñata” of Wall Street

Photo: The Human Piñata of Wall Street

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Bernie Madoff has not only robbed and pillaged monies from friends and family he has now offended a critical Hispanic cultural icon the beloved pinata.  He has now identified himself as the “Human Piñata” of Wall Street.  Madoff said that while financial firms and government officials got away, he had been turned into a piñata.

Does he even know what piñatas are?  Did he ever have one for his birthday, probably not otherwise he would not dare malign them. 

Having served 1.33% of his sentence, Bernie Madoff whines that he feels he has been unjustly treated as the escape goat of a financial mess that he was just a part of.

Madoff actually had the gall to say Judge Danny Chin “Was anything but fair” and that the justice had “zero understanding of the industry,” before closing his bleating rant saying the judge had made him “The Human Piñata of Wall Street.”

What does that even mean, Madoff? When did the judge stuff you full of candy, and hung you for his kids to celebrate? Is a piñata something negative? We’ve seen some weird piñatas before, but not a single one was made into a piñata for embezzling family, friends, and the general public you douche bag!


Man up Bernie, before you get made into a human piñata in prison. We hear candy is scarce in jail, and more than a handful of inmates would love to broom-stick the living ponzi scheme out of you!