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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 13, 2011

AZ Governor Brewer Vows to Fight On

AZ Governor Brewer Vows to Fight On

Photo: Jan Brewer

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Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer says she will continue to fight regardless of a second court declaring portions of SB70 are unconstitutional.

Brewer told Fox News: “Of course we are disappointed. The bottom line is it is another hurdle. We believe we are right, Greta, and we are going to continue our battle.”

“I’m going to sit with my staff again tonight and tomorrow make some decisions as to where we going to take it, if we are going to go back to the 9th circuit or if we are going to appeal to the Supreme Court,” Brewer added.

Both the trial court and the appeals court have agreed with the Justice Department that Arizona can not take immigration enforcement matters over as a state, preempting the federal government.

Governor Brewer argues, “Just do your job Mr. President. Enforce the federal law and we wouldn’t have these issues. And they are trying to run us out of time, money, and patience. I’m patient. I think Arizona is patient. And I think America is going to be patient.”