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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 16, 2014

Authorities Rescue 5 Kidnap Victims, Arrest 10 Suspects in Central Mexico

Authorities Rescue 5 Kidnap Victims, Arrest 10 Suspects in Central Mexico

Photo: Arrest in Latin America

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Mexican authorities freed five kidnapping victims and arrested 10 suspects in three separate raids in the central state of Mexico, the federal Attorney General’s Office said.

A probe into the abduction of an individual in the city of Ecatepec led investigators to a safe house in the municipality of Valle de Chalco and the eventual dismantling of the kidnapping gang, the AG’s office said in a statement.

In Valle de Chalco, authorities freed an individual who had been kidnapped in December and whose captors had demanded a ransom of 5 million pesos (some $378,500). They also arrested three suspects in that same raid.

Authorities later learned the location of a second safe house in that same municipality, where authorities freed a kidnap victim who had been held for 30 days and arrested two suspects, the AG’s office said.

Information provided by the detainees then led authorities to a third safe house in Valle de Chalco, where they rescued three people abducted between March 7 and March 11 and arrested five more suspects, the statement added.

Four handguns and a vehicle were seized in the different raids, the AG’s office said.

A total of 1,695 kidnappings were reported in Mexico last year, up 20 percent from the 2012 level, National Public Safety System figures show.

An unknown number of kidnappings, however, are never reported in Mexico.


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