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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 7, 2011

Author of Emblematic Cumbia Song “La Pollera Colorá” Dies (VIDEO)

Author of Emblematic Cumbia Song “La Pollera Colorá” Dies (VIDEO)

Photo: Colombian composer Wilson Choperena

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Colombian composer Wilson Choperena, famous for being the author of “La Pollera Colorá”, died Tuesday in Bogotá, at the age of 87 years-old.

Wilson Choperena was bon on Christmas day 1923 in Plato, Magdalena in Northern Colombia.

In the late fifties, he joined the ‘Pedro Salcedo Orchestra,” and in 1961 the entire band took a trip to Barranquilla to record one of the most emblematic songs in Colombian history.

‘La Pollera Colorá,’ a Colombian favorite to play and perform at international events was even performed by Bart Simpson, atop moe’s bar counter.

Take a look at the videos below if you can’t put a sound to the song title, and join us in the forums section for the conversation.