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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Attorney Jose Baez Proves His Critics Wrong:  Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

Attorney Jose Baez Proves His Critics Wrong:  Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

Photo: Jose Baez Helps Casey Anthony Escape Death Penalty

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After deliberating for no more than 10 hours the Casey Anthony jury have found her not guilty of killing her daughter, 2-year old Caylee.  Anthony was only found guilty of the lesser charge of lying to police authorities, she may never face jail time.  She was found not guilty of aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and the death penalty charge of first degree murder. 

Baez who over the weekend gave his closing remarks and made a ‘cut the cheese’ remark had long been criticized as incompetent and in over his head.  Well he not only proved his client innocent but he proved his critics wrong.

Baez went from being a local lawyer trying to the national spotlight.  As far as his legal background he took the long route to the bar.  He graduated law school in 1997 but wasn’t admitted to the Florida bar until eight years later, in 2005.  His personal life which is now open for public fodder was the reason for his career setbacks – he didn’t pay child support or provide for his teenage daughter.  Last year his home was in foreclosure.

It is not known if Baez is Cuban-American or Hispanic-American, he does speak Spanish fluently and has given interviews to numerous Spanish media outlets.

He reported law degree from the St. Thomas (as in the Bahamas) School of Law degree has obviously served Casey Anthony well.