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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 26, 2010

Attempted Murder on Another Mexican City Mayor

Just as Mexico was reeling from the news that a fourth Mexican mayor was assassinated in a month Mexican authorities are reporting the attempted murder of another.  Ricardo Solis is the Mayor-elect of a small town in Gran Morelos in Chihuahua, Mexico and was critically wounded as he was shopping in a mall.  Mexican media are reporting that Solis was gunned down by drug cartel members, authorities have not confirmed this.  On Thursday the Mayor of Doctor Gonzalez, located outside of Monterrey Mexico, Priscilliano Rodriguez Salinas was killed.  If Solis does not survive his wounds he will be the 10th mayor to have been killed this year; he remains in critical condition.  Gran Morelos is near Ciudad Juarez one of the most violent cities in Mexico and the site of a brutal drug offensive.