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Saturday January 7, 2012

Attempt To Stop California DREAM Act Fails

Attempt To Stop California DREAM Act Fails

Photo: Stop California Dream Act

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This is wonderful news!  The attempt to stop the California DREAM Act has failed miserably!  Compassion for children and youth who have pledged their allegiance to our flag prevailed!

Congratulations to the children and our youth.

Email below that was forwarded from the Stop the CA DREAM Act heartless people who have no compassion in their hearts whatsoever. 

Fellow Patriots,
Despite an incredible effort by so many of you and tens of thousands of volunteer circulators working alongside paid petition-gatherers, I regret to inform you that we fell short. 504,760 valid signatures were needed to qualify the referendum for the November 2012 ballot. Although we put in a herculean effort the count as of late last night was 447,514 signatures, which precludes us from submitting the signatures today to the registrar of voters at each of the 58 counties.

This is disappointing news, but it is no less of a warning to Governor Brown, and every Democrat legislator who voted to create a new entitlement program for illegals while the state still has a budget deficit over $9 billion, and cannot even meet it’s obligation to legal California students.
Thank you for joining us in this historic effort as Californians of every age, race, religion, income and political party came together to fight to restore sanity to the Golden State. We may have failed in this first battle, but we will not give up in the war to save California from the reckless politicians who want to raise our taxes to put the college dreams of illegals ahead of our own children.
Your efforts have not been in vain.  We have alerted our fellow citizens to this fiscal nightmare. Today only marks the end of one battle in a war to reclaim our voice in our legislature.This one loss will not dampen our resolve.
It is an honor fighting alongside you in this great cause.


Assemblyman Tim Donnelly