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Latino Daily News

Friday December 10, 2010

A DREAMer Profile:  The Face of the DREAM Act

With all the controversy surrounding the DREAM Act, it’s sometimes easy to forget that people’s lives and futures are at stake. For young people like David Moreno, the DREAM Act means a future full of possibility.

While Moreno’s story is not uncommon, it still remains the emotional center of the DREAM Act. When he was five years old, Moreno came to the U.S. on a vacation visa with his family, and never left. Moreno always lived in fear that his family would be separated if their immigration status was discovered.

After being sponsored by his resident sister (a registered nurse) and brother (a medical assistant), Moreno now has a legal resident card and is attending University of Texas-Pan American, and pursuing a music education career.  Shortly after receiving his permanent resident card he traveled to Washington D.C. to perform for the President during the education bill signing.  He is a member of the school’s elite Mariachi Aztlan and is currently starring in the Houston’s Grand Mariachi Opera: To Cross the Face of the Moon

“My threat every day was ‘what if we got stopped?’…and if we got stopped, they would take him (my dad) away,” said the now 20-year-old college junior. Moreno’s story seems to have a happy ending, but nearly-identical stories are still unfolding and their endings hinge on the result of the DREAM Act vote.  Therefore he knows exactly what these DREAMers are fighting for, and why. 

As the DREAM Act has now been delayed until later in the month, DREAMers anxiously await the single vote whose outcome will change the entire direction of their future.