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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 26, 2010

Supreme Voodoo Leader Urges Lynching of Haitian Voodoo Priests to Stop

UPDATE:  The supreme leader of Haitian voodoo, Max Beauvoir, in an interview with Reuters urged those lynching voodoo priests to stop and reassured the island nation’s residents that the priests were not to blame for the cholera outbreak. 

Many locals have accused local voodoo priests of spreading cholera by casting spells or sprinkling a special type of powder on them.  At least 45 priests have been lynched to death by being hacked and macheted to death, especially as the death toll from the disease continues to rise.  Thus far over 2,500 people in Haiti have died from cholera, which originates from contaminated food or water.

Voodoo is a recognized and popular religion in Haiti with more than half of Haitian’s practicing it.  The lynchings appear to be started by angry and fearful mobs of people and are occurring throughout the entire island.  In one recent incident of mob action, people destroyed a cholera center fearing foreign aid workers were bringing more cholera to the country. 

Haitian officials are announcing the at least 45 people have been lynched in the country, because they were believed to be spreading cholera in the country.  Over 2,500 people have died since the outbreak started with over 120,000 people being treated for the water-borne bacterial infection.

The majority of lynching victims appear to be ‘voodoo priests’ that locals suspect are spreading the disease through magic.  The victims died a gruesome death many times stoned or cut to pieces with a machete and then their bodies burned in the street for all to see.

The country Communication Ministry believes the first lynching case occurred last month.  Half of the island nation’s residents practice the voodoo religion in some form or another.