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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 9, 2014

At Least 18 Dead, 40 Injured in Bus Accident in Peru

At Least 18 Dead, 40 Injured in Bus Accident in Peru

Photo: Bus accident in Peru

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At least 18 people died and another 40 were injured Friday in a bus accident on a highway in the central Peruvian region of Junin, police said.

After leaving Lima, the bus had an accident for unknown causes at Kilometer 126 (Mile 78) on the Central Highway near the town of San Pedro de Cajas.

Some of the surviving passengers told the media that the driver apparently fell asleep and the bus went out of control.

The injured passengers have been taken to the hospital in the mining town of La Oroya, while rescue teams are still working to recover dead bodies from the wreckage.

Accidents of this kind are common in Peru’s interior due to speeding, drivers’ negligence, vehicles in a bad state of repair and the rough terrain.


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