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Wednesday January 4, 2012

At 1035 lbs, Mayra Rosales Avoids Jail for Nephew’s Death, Defense Claims She’s Too Fat to Murder

At 1035 lbs, Mayra Rosales Avoids Jail for Nephew’s Death, Defense Claims She’s Too Fat to Murder

Photo: At 1035 lbs, Mayra Rosales Avoids Jail for Nephew's Death, Defense Claims She's Too Fat to Murder

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Mayra Lizbeth Rosales of Texas was accused of hitting her nephew over the head, resulting in his 2008 death. However, her defense team claimed that the super morbidly obese woman was incapable of killing him because she’s too fat.

In March 2008, police arrested and charged Rosales, then 27, with capital murder for allegedly striking her sister’s 2-year-old son Eliseo in the head and killing him.

Rosales’ defense team however claimed that due to her immense weight, she would not have had the strength to raise her arm and strike the child hard enough to kill him.

When questioned by police, Rosales said the boy died because she accidentally fell on him. After a doctor’s examination of the boy’s body it was determined that he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head and not from being crushed to death. She would later say she lied to protect her sister, who was the real killer.

Rosales testified that she saw her 20-year-old sister Jaime hit Eliseo Jr. with a hairbrush just hours before he was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The mostly bed-ridden woman said she was more of a mother than Jaime, and that her sister would often leave the children in the home with her while she went out.

After being left with Rosales, Eliseo began having trouble breathing so his aunt called an ambulance.

Jaime was called and arrived at the hospital only to be told she could not see her son unless she told police who had hurt him. Rosales claimed Jaime then called her begging that she take the blame for the injuries so she could see her son. Rosales claimed she agreed, but was only trying to help her sister.

She was later arrested and charged with capital murder, but when the medical examiner determined the cause of death, it was revealed that Rosales could not have killed the boy because her obesity prevented her from raising her arms.

Rosales eventually came clean and stated Jaime was behind the abuse that likely killed the toddler.

In the end, Mayra was exonerated and her sister Jaime Rosales was found guilty of causing injury to the child and sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Mayra Rosales, now 31, said the stress of the trial caused some much stress that her health deteriorated even more. She is now in a hospital for the super morbidly obese, where she is again confined to a hospital bed. However, since being admitted, Rosales says she has lost 168 pounds.