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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Aspiring Marine, Orphan Faces Deportation

Aspiring Marine, Orphan Faces Deportation

Photo: Pedro Gutierrez

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On Tuesday, January 18th, friends of Pedro Gutierrez, met at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix to show their support for the DREAMer who is currently facing deportation.

Born in Mexico, Pedro is by all accounts an orphan. Never knowing his parents, his sole guardian has always been his grandmother who, when he was seven, brought him to the United States.

Sadly, when he was 16, his grandmother passed away, and he was without a family to rely on in either Mexico or Arizona. With the support of his community, Pedro found a home with his friends, and despite numerous obstacles, graduated high school. He hoped for the passing of the DREAM Act as he wishes to join the Marines, but unfortunately the bill did not pass.

The DREAM would allow for undocumented youth who, like Pedro, were brought here at a young age, to earn legal status upon completion of two years of military service or two years of college.

Below, Pedro tells his story.