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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 5, 2011

Asians join Latinos in condemning Lady Gaga

Asians join Latinos in condemning Lady Gaga

Photo: Miguel Perez

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This weekend, Phoenix-based Latino civil rights groups joined and bashed Lady Gaga for what they feel are racist lyrics (not to mention unoriginal). Several local Asians have joined in the condemnation.
“Why is this talentless, White Madonna rip-off artist who was born into privilege stereotyping Asians with the term ‘orient?’ asks Maricopa College professor Peter Wong. Mary Kim, one of his students, agrees.
“I think it is disgusting that gay people look up to her. She hates them. Lady Gaga is an obvious homophobic who is using reverse psychology in order to make gay people look bad. But now she’s going after Asians and Latinos. It’s pretty sick what White corporate men in suits will come up with.” Mr. Wong and several Asian students plan to travel to Los Angeles in order to protest Lady Gaga’s performance of the song on the Grammy Awards next week.
Even though Lady Gaga is considered a gay icon, some Gay writers have condemned her as well. Orange County gay rights activist Fernando Palazzo has recently denounced Lady Gaga as an insult to the gay community and notes that even her piano playing isn’t sincere.
What do you think, readers? Are people trying to make controversy where it doesn’t exist or do they have a point?