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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 22, 2010

Asian-Latino Food Maybe Coming to Your SuperMercado SOON

If Pramook Jirdpongsatorn and Juvenal Chavez have their way your local supermercados will have lots of Thai food appealing to the Hispanic palette on the grocery shelves across America.  As the fastest growing consumer sector, the Hispanic market seeks its comfort foods at the local grocery store and U.S. food manufacturers are failing to meet that booming demand.

An entrepreneurial Thai grocer, Jirdpongsatorn, in California has partnered with Juvenal Chavez, owner of Mi Pueblo supermercados to offer the Hispanic consumers Thai food staples like rice, tuna and chile peppers.  Thai cuisine uses many of the same ingredients that traditional Latino dishes use. 

Mi Pueblo, the largest Latino food retailer in the Bay area, is known for its unique product lines to meet the diverse needs of Hispanic’s from Mexico to Central America.  It has partnered with Jirdpongsatorn to create a private label of Thai food for the Hispanic kitchen; its too soon to say if it will create a national trend, they certainly hope so.


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