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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 11, 2013

ASCAP Welcomes Arturo Sandoval Into Jazz Wall of Fame

ASCAP Welcomes Arturo Sandoval Into Jazz Wall of Fame

Photo: Arturo Sandoval

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Cuban-American trumpet player Arturo Sandoval entered ASCAP’s Jazz Wall of Fame in a year the musician will never forget - he had already received the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama and had won his ninth Grammy Award.

“It’s been a beautiful year with so many exceptional things going on,” Sandoval told Efe.

The musician said he wanted to thank God for the many extraordinary moments in his life, like the day he met his wife, with whom he has been married for 40 years, and when the first of his children was born and when his granddaughters were born.

“I believe every year is good,” the artist, who has lived for the past four years in Los Angeles after living 20 years in Miami, said.

The year 2013 is now added to the unforgettable times in the life of the musician, composer and orchestra conductor, who last Nov. 20 received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his cultural contributions, “an enormously important prize, an enormous satisfaction,” together with group of other distinguished Americans from other fields.

Last Friday the Cuban’s music was heard at the lighting of the Christmas tree at the White House, and on Sunday he played the U.S. national anthem at an event in Kennedy Center while still buoyed by his latest Grammy Award. On Monday he was recognized as one of the legends of jazz by ASCAP at an event in the organization’s headquarters, just a short walk away from Manhattan’s famous Lincoln Center.

The musician, who came to the United States in 1990 at age 41, could not have been more pleased at the honor and told Efe that the public generally associates him with the trumpet, “but I spend much more time at the piano composing that I do playing the trumpet, yet rarely does the composer get a mention.”


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