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Latino Daily News

Monday May 26, 2014

As World Cup Approaches, FBI Training Brazilian Police

As World Cup Approaches, FBI Training Brazilian Police

Photo: World cup Security

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Fifty Sao Paulo state police officers took part in an FBI course on controlling disturbances as Brazil’s largest city prepares to host the opening match of the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament, authorities said Monday.

The five-day course provided training in crowd control strategies, the use of force, decision-making, the relationship with the media and the use of intelligence to identify possible acts of vandalism, among other issues.

The course took place just a few weeks before the start of the World Cup, which begins on June 12 with Brazil facing Croatia in the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo.

The tourney, which ends July 13, is expected to be marked by demonstrations like those that took place in June 2013, when Brazil hosted the Confederations Cup competition.

Many in this soccer-mad country say the money going toward the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro would be better spent on improving public services.

The Sao Paulo state Public Safety Office announced Monday that activities had begun in the Integrated Monitoring Command Center, the purpose of which is to coordinate security operations during the World Cup.

Starting on June 10, the center will perform round-the-clock camera monitoring of the area around Arena Corinthians, which will be the venue at which six World Cup matches will be played.

“We have four important areas here, one of security and defense, one of civil defense and firefighters, one of agencies and one of mobility and traffic,” state Gov. Geraldo Alckmin emphasized on his visit to the command center.


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