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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 30, 2011

ART ON THE BORDER Ron English Style

ART ON THE BORDER Ron English Style

Photo: Ron English's Border Art

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Ron English says he “liberates” the surfaces he does art on. Has the U.S.-Mexico border been liberated, then?

Ron English is a 52 year-old artist who has seen more than his share of trouble for climbing up billboards, and replacing emblems, mascots and other commercial visual cues, with his own creations.

An overweight Ronald McDonald, a Marilyn Monroe with Mickey mice for breasts, an ad for diet coke that reads “Diabetic Coke,” these are all examples of ads, and media icons that have been liberated by English from the constraints of consumerism.

Or so he says, but to the owners of these billboards, English is a vandal, and his art defaces their property time and time again.

On April fools day this year, English took a little excursion to the US-México border, where he installed some of his thought provoking art pieces.


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