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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 31, 2012

Art as Ads in Saó Paulo, Brazil

Art as Ads in Saó Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Art as Ads in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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GE is bringing good graffiti to life in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The multinational company partnered with local ad agency Almap BBDO to create three colorful panels on buildings to represent some of the areas in which GE operates. 

The panels are painted by local artists or groups on privately owned buildings and will stay up for about one year.  During the upcoming phase, Facebook users will vote on which two of four artists should paint the next two panels.

These 120 ft tall panels are especially noteworthy in Sao Paulo where a ban on outdoor advertising has been in place for five years.  The law was intended to reduce visual pollution, but recently Almap heard from the mayor’s office that the city would be open to graffiti art projects that would enhance the natural beauty of Sao Paolo.

Marcello Serpa is Almap’s creative director.  He explained the project this way, “But Sao Paulo is a gray city. It’s not like Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city in the world.  So we tried to use buildings as billboards on a huge scale, to give the city some color and bring art to the people, and to use it as a tool to subtly talk about GE products.”