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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 23, 2010

Arizona’s Law Stirs up Controversy and Unexpected Supporters

Arizona’s Law, the SB1070 which has stirred up much controversy is due to come into effect at the end of this month. Many undocumented immigrants are making arrangements to leave the state soon. Many are selling their belongings to prepare for the departure.

In spite of the tough immigration measures, support has come from the Obama Administration as they challenge Arizona’s initiative in court. Mexico has also presented a brief in court, “Mexican citizens will be afraid to visit Arizona for work or pleasure out of concern that they will be subject to unlawful police scrutiny and detention,” the brief said, according to the Associated Press.

A poll shows that 58 percent of Americans support the law in Arizona, but the poll also noted that 68 percent of supporters are white, and only 31 percent of non-whites support the law.


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