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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 16, 2010

Arizona Sheriff’s Assailant Remains Unknown

Beloved rancher Robert Krentz’s autopsy report was released this week highlighting the case once again, while the assailant or assailants remain unidentified.  Krentz was shot multiple times according to the autopsy, on his ranch in Cochise County.  The autopsy was authored by Deputy Medical Examiner Avneesh Gupta that revealed what many knew, that Krentz died from gunshot wounds.  The report does highlight that Krentz was shot more than once and in the torso area.  The autopsy was released after media requests were made.  Many elements of the report were blacked out to keep the pending investigation viable. 

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to solving the crime that many credit as the turning point in passing the controversial immigration law, SB 1070.  Many leads are being followed here and in Mexico where general sentiment puts the assailant’s origin.  Sheriff Rod Rothrock stated “We have information on hand that has us looking at some people. I’m not going to name names.”   


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