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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 9, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Arizona Man Shoots His Manhood Off With Pink Gun

LATINO BLOTTER: Arizona Man Shoots His Manhood Off With Pink Gun

Photo: Joshua Seto shoots himself accidentally

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Police in Arizona are urging people to use holsters, and avoid using their waist bands when packing heat, i.e. a gun, like the very unfortunate Joshua Seto.

How or why 27 year-old Joshua Seto ended up in possession of girlfriend Cara Christopher’s pink pistol, in front of a grocery store remains unclear. She said they were going in for refreshments, when Seto put away the pink gun in the front of his pants, like a TV thug, the loud bang brought them back from his Tarantinesque delusions of grandeur.

Christopher promptly called 911 and told them her boyfriend had accidentally shot his penis and left thigh with her pink handgun. The operator told her to apply direct pressure to the wound.

Seto stayed conscious through the ordeal, and was taken to the hospital for surgery; no information on the severity of his wounds has been released.

Seto could also face charges if he wasn’t registered to carry a gun, according to a Chandler police spokesperson.

Police are urging armed citizens to avoid carrying their guns like movie characters, and instead use holsters.