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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 28, 2013

Argentine Prostitutes Protest in Front of Argentine Parliament

Argentine Prostitutes Protest in Front of Argentine Parliament

Photo: Prostitutes protesting in Argentina

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A group of Argentine prostitutes on Tuesday held a “breast party” in front of Parliament in this capital to demand the approval of a law regulating sexual self-employment.

With their breasts bared and under rainy skies, the women demanded “that (lawmakers) begin to debate the bill to regulate sexual self-employment among women older than 18 who by their own decision practice this activity,” the head of the Association of Argentine Prostitutes, Georgina Orellano, told Efe.

Orellano said that the bare-breasted demonstration was aimed at “making society aware of the violence” sex workers suffer “due to not having a legal framework” to govern their activities.

“(Theft) of our belongings, discrimination, mistreatment, ... abuse and police kickbacks” were all mentioned by the association in this context in the communique it issued announcing the protest.

In the statement, the group also said that “all this leads to making our lives more uncertain and condemns us even more to underground (activities) and criminalization.”


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