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Latino Daily News

Monday May 2, 2011

Argentine Novelist Ernesto Sábato Dies

Argentine Novelist Ernesto Sábato Dies

Photo: Ernesto Sábato

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The brilliant Argentine novelist died in Argentina Saturday, at the age of 99.

The remains of the author of “The Tunnel” were buried in a Buenos Aires cemetery, following a wake ceremony assisted by political, artistic and human right figures of the South American nation.

The writer, one of the most important writers in Argentina and the 1984 Cervantes Award Winner, died on Saturday from Pneumonia complications.

Sábato was born in the city of Rojas, on June 24th 1911.

In 1938, he earned a doctorate in Physics from La plata University, and worked alongside Marie and Pierre Curie during war times.

“In Paris, I assisted in breaking the uranium atom, which was being disputed by three laboratories: the ‘race’ was won by a German. I thought it was the beginning of the apocalypse”

Sábato won a vast array of awards for his novels, considered pillars of Latin American existentialism. “The Tunnel” and “Of Heroes and Graves” are widely regarded as two of the most important works in contemporary literature.

“I don’t belong to any party, I just support anything I think is good for this sickly country and denounce anything I find false, despicable, dirty, corrupt and hypocritical”