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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Argentine Model Launches Controversial Anti-Abortion Campaign

Argentine Model Launches Controversial Anti-Abortion Campaign

Photo: Natalia Fassi

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Argentine model Natalia Fassi, who is actually eight-months pregnant posed for a set of unsettling anti-abortion photographs to get her pro-life message out.Image

Natalia Fassi can be seen in one photograph piercing her belly with syringes; there’s a tattoo on her pregnant belly that reads in English “life.”

In another photograph titled “Lost Lullaby” an ominously lit Fassi leans on a piano, where there’s a bloody doll between her legs.

Next Monday, Fassi will present the rest of the 40 photographs from the photo session at a ceremony to be held at the Museum of the National Senate’s Library in Argentina; she will also be presented with a distinction for being the first model in Latin America to helm a campaign like this, while actually pregnant.