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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 31, 2014

Argentine Couple Set Off on Argentina-to-Alaska Road Trip in Name of Science

Argentine Couple Set Off on Argentina-to-Alaska Road Trip in Name of Science

Photo: Lucila Munilla Lacasa and Nicolas Poggi

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Nico and Lola are two young Argentines who in the name of popularizing science will cross the Americas from bottom to top, from Buenos Aires to Alaska, in a 1981 Brazilian van that will be their home for two years.

“The idea is to teach kids where to find science in everyday life” and do away with the idea that “physics and chemistry are boring,” Nicolas Poggi, an industrial engineer and promoter of the project, told Efe, adding that he will be accompanied by his girlfriend, the journalist and photographer Lucila Munilla Lacasa.

“We’re going to give workshops in rural schools” with “simple experiments that can be performed with materials native to each place” and “using a way of speaking intelligible to youngsters at the elementary school level,” Poggi said.

“We want the kids to be able to create their own experiments” as we deepen “our interaction with the children and the local communities,” he said.

“We’ll be backed by the support and experience of the team at the San Isidro Exploratory,” a place where experiments in electricity, magnetism, chemistry, physics, solar energy, pneumatics and aerodynamics are carried out, and which will provide the travelers with their most useful exercises.

To make their dream come true, Nico and Lola sold their car a year ago and looked for a vehicle that would be “easy to repair and find spare parts for in different countries,” which turned out to be a 1981 made-in-Brazil van, which they adapted and prepared to begin the journey just weeks after taking their university degrees on Aug. 10.

If all goes as planned, they will leave from the town of Tilcara in the northern Argentine province of Jujuy, and will follow their route through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and will continue along the Pacific coast from Panama to Alaska, after which they will cross Canada from west to east before descending along the Atlantic coast to the southern United States.

The idea is to have Miami as their final destination, where they want to ship their van home and fly back to Buenos Aires. If all goes as planned.


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