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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 2, 2012

Argentine Catholic Priest Accused of Mistreating the Mother of His Son

Argentine Catholic Priest Accused of Mistreating the Mother of His Son

Photo: Priest Suspended in Argentina

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An Argentine priest was suspended after a complaint for mistreatment was filed by a domestic employee, who says that she had a son with the cleric.

The decision to dismiss the Rev. Juan Bojcetic was made by the Catholic bishop of Moron, Luis Eichhorn, after the accusations against the priest for domestic violence were made public.

“Due to the complaints about the conduct of Father Bojcetic, the bishop of the diocese preventively removed him from the leadership of the San Pedro Apostol parish,” said the diocese in a communique published by the Catholic news agency Aica.

The case was brought before the courts by Lorena Etcheverry, an attorney and former secretary of the priest, who said she was a witness to arguments with and “beatings” that Bojcetic dealt out to Cristina Jaskuloski when the woman was a domestic employee at the parish and by whom, she said, the priest had fathered a son.

Bojcetic had agreed to pay Jaskuloski a monthly amount in foodstuffs in exchange for her leaving her job at the parish.

Etcheverry confirmed to the press that the agreement was made after Jaskuloski experienced several violent situations when she demanded money from Bojcetic to take care of her son.