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Latino Daily News

Friday December 23, 2011

Argentina’s Blind Symphony Will Warm Your Heart (VIDEO)

Argentina’s Blind Symphony Will Warm Your Heart  (VIDEO)

Photo: Blind Symphony in Argentina

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Take a look at this talented group of musicians from Argentina’s National Symphony Blind Band “Maestro Pascual Grisolía” performing staple pieces of classical music.

This group of 62 blind musicians memorize their parts by studying sheet music written in Braile.

Works by Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven, and even contemporary composers like Argentina’s own Piazzolla, are included in their repertoire, which includes more than 250 pieces they’ve all learned by heart.

This remarkable Orchestra started at the Manuel Belgrano Boarding School, when a group of 11 blind children, were summoned to learn classical music, shortly after President Roberto M. Ortiz went blind because of diabetes complications.

Watch them performing before a live audience, in the video below!