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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 28, 2013

Argentina Working on Creating 9,920 Pound Easter Egg - World’s Largest

Argentina Working on Creating 9,920 Pound Easter Egg - World’s Largest

Photo: World's Largest Easter Egg - Miramar, Argentina

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A giant chocolate Easter egg made from 9,920 pounds of chocolate will be unveiled in Miramar, a city in the Buenos Aires province in celebration of Holy Week.

The 4-ton egg is due to come in at over 19 feet high constructed with over 500,000 fresh eggs.  Once completed it will be the largest Easter Egg made from scratch.  A team of 30 children most with Downs Syndrome are helping the culinary team led by pastry chef Walter Aragones construct the egg. 

The egg is expected to be completed on Saturday and then entered into the Guinness World’s Record as the ‘world’s largest hand made egg’. When the giant egg is complete over 35,000 pieces will be given out on Easter Sunday after the ‘cracking’ ceremony.

Last year Argentina unveiled another giant chocolate egg during the Chocolate Festival in Bariloche.  That egg was not made entirely of chocolate but rather was a wooden egg frame covered in chocolate.

In Argentina, Holy Week is one of the most important holidays, since 85% of the population is Catholic.  This year Holy Week celebrations are extra special in honor of native son, Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio, being elevated to Pope. 

After a traditional Easter meal, Argentines eat a large hollow chocolate egg (huevo de Pascua) to close out Holy Week.