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Latino Daily News

Monday September 26, 2011

Argentina to Tackle 500,000 Annual Abortions that Take Place, Leading Cause of Maternal Deaths

Argentina to Tackle 500,000 Annual Abortions that Take Place, Leading Cause of Maternal Deaths

Photo: Issue of Abortion to be Tackled in Argentina

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The issue on abortion will be on the agenda of the Commission of the Criminal Law of Deputies that will talk about this topic for the first time tomorrow, September 27.

Representatives of those who support the depenalization and legalization and those who consider it such an indisputable crime will talk part in this meeting. The problem however is enormous: it is estimated that half a million women abort every year in Argentina; more than 100 die, especially the poorest, the youngest and less informed, who undergo the practice in deplorable conditions.

According to official figures, for some decades, illegal abortion is considered the leading cause of maternal death in Argentina: since 1983 3000 have died.

The meeting will examine two projects that propose voluntary interruption of pregnancy, and five which ask for the amendment of Article 86 of the Criminal Code, which concerns legal and illegal abortions, with some variations. During the debate, representatives of the Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical Church, will present the joint document “Commitment to Life”, which expresses their deep concern on this issue.

“We want to express our belief in a united manner about the value of human life from the moment of conception until natural death, and invite all to join this call for life,” this is what is said in this text that is unprecedented and has, among others, the signatures of a representative of the Evangelical Pentecostal Brotherhood, of the President of the Commission for Ecumenism of the Argentine Episcopate, of Archbishop Nicolaos Matti Abd Alahad, of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, of a representative of the Evangelical Mennonite Church, of the Christian Community Church.