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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 1, 2014

Argentina to Begin Charging for .Ar Web Domains

Argentina to Begin Charging for .Ar Web Domains

Photo: .Ar (Pulso Social)

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The Argentine government will begin charging for the use of Internet domain names ending with .Ar, according to an item published Friday in the official gazette.

The change takes effect March 5, Nic .ar, the agency that administers the .Ar Top Level Domain, said.

Fees will apply to both new and existing sites using the .Ar suffix.

The institution of fees is aimed at generating “the resources necessary for the optimization and continual improvement of the services” provided by Nic.ar, the notice in the official gazette said.

The annual fee for a .Ar domain is set at 450 pesos ($57), while sites using the suffixes .Com.Ar, .Net.Ar, .Tur.Ar and .Org.Ar will pay 160 pesos ($20) a year.

Web site owners will be charged 65 pesos ($8) annually for use of .Gob.Ar, .Gov.Ar, .Int.Ar and .Mil.Ar.


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