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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 12, 2012

Argentina Police Arrested for Leaking Corpse Photos of Model Jazmin de Grazia

Argentina Police Arrested for Leaking Corpse Photos of Model Jazmin de Grazia

Photo: Controversy, Deceased Photos of Model de Grazia

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The Argentine government has fired 11 Federal Police officers for their alleged responsibility in leaking photographs of the corpse of model Jazmin De Grazia that were published earlier this weekend in a Buenos Aires newspaper, police said Sunday.

The Security Ministry dismissed commissioner Ruben MiƱo - the head of the police photography division - two officers, five police experts and three security and defense auxiliary officers, all of them with the Federal Police.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Justo Rovira summoned the head of the Internal Affairs division of the Federal Police, Alejandro Rom, and the head of Station 17, Marcelo Repetto, to provide an explanation for the leaking of the photos.

Judge Raul Botto said in a communique that “the corresponding complaint will be made with the aim of investigating the alleged commission” of a crime regarding the leaking of the photos, which are part of the file in the investigation into the model’s death.

“Our hands will not tremble in separating from the force those responsible” for handing over images of De Grazia, who was found dead in the bathroom of her Buenos Aires home on Feb. 5, Argentine Security Minister Nilda Garre said Friday at a press conference.

De Grazia’s boyfriend said a few days later that the 27-year-old model was “under psychiatric treatment” and took “sleeping pills.”

“We’re going to punish with the maximum severity the officials who have failed in their duties, violating at the same time judicial procedures, the right to privacy of a person and the relatives of the deceased young woman,” Garre said.

The autopsy performed on Jazmin De Grazia confirmed that she died of asphyxiation after ingesting psychiatric medication, local media reported.

De Grazia catapulted to fame in 2002 as a participant on the “Super M” reality show on models’ careers, after which she continued her career as a journalist on several television channels.