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Latino Daily News

Friday November 12, 2010

Argentina Investing Heavily in Science and Innovation

Argentina has obtained international funding with a $750 million line of credit, of which it has already used $350 million to support science and technological innovation in the nation’s strategic economic sectors. 

The Technology Innovation Program as it is known will result in implementation of at least seven major technological innovation projects in strategic sectors, including agribusiness, energy, health and environment. It will also support 500 research projects in science and technology to address regional problems, support emerging companies, and consolidate scientific gains.

Also included will be 11 projects to improve research and development infrastructure that emphasize greater engagement with the private sector and society at large.

In addition, the initiative will support completion of 15 research programs in strategic areas carried out by consortia of non-profit R&D institutions. Areas of research include the genetic improvement of sunflower and wheat, new therapies and diagnostic systems for cancer, and the development of the use of hydrogen as an energy transport vector.