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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 9, 2010

Are Latin American Country’s Generous?

The Gallup World Giving Index has just released its list of the most generous countries for 2010 and no the United States was not number one, it was tied for fifth place with Switzerland.

The index looks at how much individual citizens donate in term of money and time and the number of people willing to help a stranger.  Based on that criteria Australia and New Zealand come out on top with China, shamefully for its economic strength coming in near the bottom.

The Central American region including Mexico came in fifth out of thirteen regions for volunteering time and seventh for both giving money and helping a stranger.  Guatemala was the most generous in the region ranking as the 22nd most generous nation in the world.  While Costa Rica had the majority of its citizens helping strangers, Nicaragua and El Salvador appear to be the least generous and friendly in the region.

Visit the HSN Library for a complete copy of the poll.