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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 3, 2010

Are Bombings the New Terror Tool of Mexican Cartels?

On July 15 when a car bomb went off in Ciudad Juarez targeting a nearby federal police station, it was declared to be the first time drug cartels used bombing terrorism as a means of threat, clearly it was not to be the last. 

This weekend an unidentified person launched a grenade at a Monterrey police station, the device did not detonate and no injuries were reported.  That incident was followed by another grenade being launched at the Televisa television facilities in Nuevo Laredo.  Two vehicles were reported damaged but no one was harmed.  Televisa’s entrance was damaged and all windows shattered.

Closer to home a bomb was launched at a border bridge known as International Bridge Number One on Saturday.  This bridge connects U.S. city of Laredo, Texas to Mexico’s Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.  Again no injuries or severe damage were reported. 

All incidents are under investigation.  Carlos Barragan of the La Linea drug cartel is currently being held for the July 15th car bombing.  It is unknown if any of these incidents are related. 


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