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Latino Daily News

Monday March 24, 2014

Archaeologist Discover Sarcophagus of Ancient Pharoh in Egypt

Czech experts have discovered the sarcophagus and mummy of an important priest of the Fifth Dynasty of the pharaohs (2,500-2,350 B.C.) southwest of Cairo, the Egyptian minister of state for antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, said Monday.

The minister said in a communique that the remains of the religious figure, identified as Nefer, was found during excavations of his tomb in the Abu Sir area.

The priest, whose sarcophagus was made of stone, performed his duties during the reign of Pharaoh Neferirkare.

For his part, Antiquities Department head Ali al-Asfar said the tomb was part of a funerary complex built with four passageways, of which the eastern one was dedicated to Nefer.

It also includes five shafts and a false limestone door bearing the sculpted titles by which Nefer was distinguished: he was also supervisor of the writing of royal documents and confidant of the pharaoh.

The Abu Sir area, near the esplanade of the pyramids of Giza, forms part of the great necropolis of the ancient city of Memphis.

Its most important monuments are the Sun Temples and the funerary complex of the pyramid of Sahure, the second king of the Fifth Dynasty, along with other religious sites and tombs of nobles of the period.


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