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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 13, 2014

Antonio Banderas Partakes in Holy Week Events in Spain

Antonio Banderas Partakes in Holy Week Events in Spain

Photo: Antonio Banderas

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Actor Antonio Banderas said Sunday that he returned once again for Holy Week to his hometown of Malaga, a city in southern Spain, to “rest” from the “whirlpool” of making four films this year and enjoy his “people.”

As in other years, the actor is participating actively in the Holy Week events and marched Sunday in the local procession honoring the Virgin Mary.

Banderas said he arrived this year in Malaga without his “American family,” referring to his wife, actress Melanie Griffith, and his children.

The actor told reporters before the parade started out from the San Juan de Malaga church that he has several projects in mind but after “one film after another” he is intending “to rest a little bit.”

“The nicest thing about Holy Week is that it’s still very imperfect and there are many things to do,” which gives it “a very large field of action and an enormous future,” Banderas said.

The actor is acting as administrator - the person tasked with guiding the Virgin’s throne through the city - during the parade.

Banderas said that among his film projects is one entitled “Guernica,” for which he is working on the financing, and there are also other “interesting” initiatives in the United States in television, a medium that has become “very attractive for many people.”

The actor said that although in Malaga he gets back in touch with his roots, he also spends a lot of time outside Spain following daily events in the country.

“I’m paying attention to you guys,” Banderas joked at the door of the sacristy, adding that “there’ve been some very tough years” due to Spain’s economic crisis.


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