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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Anti-Government Protesting in Oaxaca Mexico Leaves 6 People Injured, 38 Arrested

Thirty-eight people were arrested following a protest that left six police officers and a newspaper photographer injured in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, officials said.

The protesters got out of control on Monday when police moved in to control the crowd, which attacked officers with “stones, sticks and machetes” inside the Ciudad Administrativa government complex in Oaxaca city, the state capital, the Oaxaca Public Safety Secretariat said in a statement.

Six state police officers and Tiempo newspaper photographer Giovanna Martinez were injured in the melee, the secretariat said.

The protesters, residents of the villages of San Jose and San Juan Guivini, were demanding government funds for public works, public safety and education programs, Public Safety Secretariat officials told Efe.

The demonstrators want the government to support them in demanding that officials in the city of San Francisco Ozolotepec release funds for the projects, press reports said.

Protests leaders and officials met to discuss the residents’ demands, officials told Efe.

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s poorest states and is also the one with the largest Indian population, in terms both of absolute numbers and as a proportion of the total inhabitants.


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