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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Another Under-Age Girl in Berlusconi Scandal:19 yr old Brazilian Dancer doing Nude Samba (Video)

As if things couldn’t get much worse for Italy’s besieged Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, they just did with accusations that a second under-age girl has surfaced in the ‘bunga bunga’ scandal.

Italian prosecutors looking into the sex scandal believe, Brazilian beauty and dancer Iris Berardi, now 19, was under aged when she partied with the ultimate partier in Sardinia in November, 2009. 

Brazilian Beradi is alleged to have been 17 years old when she met Berlusconi, went to his villa in Sardinia and then moved into his Milan palazzo shortly thereafter.  She reportedly received $2,500 in cash last year as well as having her living expenses paid for at the palazzo.

Senorita Berardi is known to refer to Berlusconi as ‘Papi’ or Daddy, which is a common term of endearment in Latin America for your dad or your sugar daddy.  The scandal has been dubbed ‘Bunga Bunga’ referring to a sexual fantasy game the Prime Minister enjoyed, whereby the girls perform either nude of semi-nude.

Berardi who was usually dressed in a thong, danced an X-rated version of the famous Brazilian samba for the Prime Minister and his guests.  Check out her ‘modeling video’.

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